Survey, visualize and analyze social networks

What can you do with MyNetworkmap?

Examine the following questions:
  • Which persons are the central actors?
  • Who is the most important source of information?
  • Who helps whom?
  • Who cooperates with whom and to what extent?
  • Who is isolated in a group?
  • and much more...

Social network analysis: one tool for social network survey, social network analysis, social network visualization

Application examples
  • Business Consulting / Coaching
    • work for coaching measures: Co-operation and conflict networks survey
    • Conflict Management
  • Corporate network
    • strategic networking
    • analyze social capital
    • identify and contact central actors
    • visualize the current and target state of the company network
  • Cluster management
    • visualize networking of members
    • collection and visualisation of cooperation structures between members
    • recognise central and isolated members
    • collection of internal and external networking
  • Cultural management
  • Research, PhD and Master / Bachelor projects

Social network analyis from anywhere

How will you do that?

  • Interview people and draw your network with them
  • Create online network questionnaires
  • Collect qualitative and quantitative network data
  • Runs directly in your browser on your PC, Mac, tablet and mobile
  • Work in a secure and protected space
  • Multi-client capability
  • Create online questionnaires very easy
    • Ego questions
    • Namegenerator and nameinterpretator questions
    • Alter-alter relation questions
    • Network visualization for the participant
    • Snowball sampling

    We support you

    We are happy to take care of creating your network questionnaire in MyNetworkmap.

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Social network survey interview elements

  • Example
    • Create an ego questionnaire with namegenerator,
    • nameinterpretator and alter-alter relation questions
    • ...visualize the network...
    • one tool...
    • 12 minutes:

  • Work in a team effectively:
    • Add team members
    • Use rights management
    • Set group rights

Social network analyzis together as a team

  • Calculate centrality values
  • Import and export your data
  • Publish your network maps online
  • Server location is in Germany
  • SSL encrypted data transfer
  • Free e-mail support
  • Online Webinar

No time? More important things to do?

We can also create your online network questionnaire for you.

For a quote we need:
  • The questionnaire draft as pdf file.
  • Number of estimated respondents.
  • When do you want to start the survey? When will the survey end?
  • Just send it to:

    We will contact you as soon as possible.

Plans & Pricing

Find the right licensing model that fits your needs.

  • 2 Team accounts
  • up to 50 network actors
  • up to 10 online questionnaire items
  • unlimited number of online questionnaires
  • Actor import / export
  • Relation import / export
  • unlimited number of network maps
  • unlimited number of attributes

0€ per month

Small Team
  • 5 Team accounts
  • up to 1.000 network actors
  • unlimited number of online questionnaire items
  • unlimited number of online questionnaires
  • all from Starter

5€ per month

Team Plus
  • 10 Team accounts
  • up to 10.000 network actors
  • unlimited number of online questionnaire items
  • unlimited number of online questionnaires
  • all from Small Team

30€ per month

each additional team account: +5,00€ per month
each additional 2.000 network actors: +5,00€ per month

All prices exclude VAT. The plan can be cancelled monthly. Nothing suitable found? Contact us for an individual consultation.

How to book a license: Start with the free Starter license and then upgrade to the new license in Organization & Team. The new license will then be adjusted immediately. The monthly invoice will be sent to your stored e-mail address. You can pay by credit card or bank transfer.

Some example network maps:

In which situations can you use our tools?

The tools have been used successfully in the following areas:

  • business consultancy
  • cluster management
  • corporate networks
  • sociograms
  • distriputed teams
  • research and academic studies

Examine the following questions:

  • Which persons are the central actors?
  • Who is the most important source of information?
  • Who helps whom?
  • Who cooperates with whom and to what extent?
  • Who is isolated in a group?
  • and much more.

Application examples

  • Business Consulting / Coaching
  • Co-operation and conflict networks survey
  • Conflict Management
  • Corporate network
  • Strategic networking
  • Social capital
  • Identify and contact central actors
  • Visualize the current and target state of a company network
  • Cluster management
  • Cultural management
    • Examples:
      • Ministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur des Landes Schleswig-Holstein: Kulturentwicklung in Schleswig-Holstein
      • Netzwerkanalyse zu regionalen und internationalen Kulturkontakten in der Europäischen Metropolregion Nürnberg
      • Kulturkonzeption Kassel Netzwerkanalyse nationaler und internationaler Kulturkontakte
  • Research, PhD and Master / Bachelor projects:
    • Examples:
    • Flohr, Michael (2018) Kulturpolitik in Thüringen. Praktiken - Governance - Netzwerk, transcript Verlag.
    • Kanagavel, Rajalakshmi (2019) The Social Lives of Networked Students: Mediated Connections, Palgrave Macmillan.
We would be happy to advise you on other possible applications.


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